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How is our granola made?

We are very proud of the way we make our granola.

Our main goal is being transparent regarding our ingredients and suppliers. We think it is important to answer a few questions about the process of how the granola is made before it is distributed to our stockists and posted to your homes.

  • What is our primary ingredient?

We source high quality gluten free jumbo oats from a British supplier. We are currently considering switching to organic oats in the future, this is an option that is being discussed but no decision has been made yet. There are many factors to be considered if we do; one of them being the small additional cost to our customers.

  • How many ingredients are in our blends of granola?

We try to keep our granolas simple, making sure the ingredients used are adding taste and value to the product. No hidden nasties. You might notice that none of our recipes have more than 7 ingredients. We want you to be confident about what you are eating and how it is made.

  • What would you never find in our granola?

Traditionally, many granolas contain oil in order to make the product crunchy. However, we are not traditional and we choose not to add any additional calories or fats in our blends. Why, you ask? Well, it is not needed to create crunch, and the nuts hold all the good fats needed to provide you with the energy required for a good start of your day.

  • Are there any exciting plans ahead?

We are constantly thinking of ways to improve our business and keep it interesting for our customers. Our limited edition flavours always do so well, so you can expect one in the next few months! It is always a pleasure for us to see what customers think of our new recipes and improve ourselves each time!

Let us know in the comments if you have tried our granolas and which one you've enjoyed the most!

Until next time,



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