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Bean thinking about a healthier life? Lettuce give you some advice!

Let's discuss the battle between junk food and healthy eating.

Nowadays health is everyone's focus. Instagram and Facebook are flooded with videos of 'What I Eat in a Day''. People are recommending you more pilates and spin classes. Local juice shops are opening left, right, and center.

This blog will provide you with some personal tips on how to build a healthy lifestyle that best suits your needs.

Healthy does not look the same for everyone

This is quite possibly the most important thing to remember. For some, waking up with only a protein smoothie, and having nothing else until lunch, makes sense as they don't get hungry in the mornings. For others, a filling and heavy breakfast is needed to prepare them for a day of exercise and work. Therefore, simply because you see a meal plan on the internet used by an influencer or model, this does not mean it is suited for you. That is perfectly normal!

It is really important to note that everyone is on a different journey. Some are focused on fat loss while others are trying very hard to gain or maintain weight. So, while it is natural to compare ourselves to others, it is more important that we focus on ourselves and our needs.

It is a lifestyle not a goal

The main problem with goal-reaching diets and meal plans is that it encourages people to take on restrictive diets and challenging workouts that cannot be sustained over a long period of time. This is a short-term plan that gets people into shape fast. However, the problem here is that this is not realistic for you to do every day of your life, and thus, most people on these types of diets eventually fall out of it.

Instead, we invite you to slowly take on new habits, such as incorporating more greens into your meals. Completely changing how you live and eat within a week is not realistic. It takes time. So, be patient with yourself!

There is also nothing wrong with snacking! We recommend trying our protein balls for a perfectly balanced and nutritious snack. Press the link below to see all our flavors.

Redefining your relationship with food

Food = Fuel

Food is magical, it comes in all colors, shapes, and sizes. Each culture has a unique way of making and eating food. Thus, food is something that should make you happy. Do not feel guilty about eating something that makes you feel good. Instead, try to balance it out.

Pro Tip: Focus on what you can add, not take away. For example, if you have a plate of pasta from a ready meal at home, try adding vegetables, nuts, and a side salad to the dish. This will allow you to still enjoy the pasta, while also consuming healthy food!

Intuitive Eating

This approach to food invites you to listen to your body. You don't eat out of habit, but rather when you feel hungry. While it is true that we are recommended 3 meals a day by experts, it is also true that everybody is different and some things may work better for some.

So, listen to your body and follow what feels best for you. You might find that this even requires you to venture out of your comfort zone to find new recipes and snacks that you have never tried before.

All these reasons are why our slogan is 'Healthy Living and Eating' because that is our brand's vision. If you are looking for some healthy snacks to enjoy, check out the link below for some delicious treats.

Being healthy starts from within and it starts with developing a good mindset and relationship with food, exercise, and your body. This will take time so remember to be kind to yourself.

Until next time,


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