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What is our mission?

It's simple really...

Anastasia's Pantry is focused on healthy living and eating. This means that we provide you with nutritious, vegan and gluten free granolas and protein balls in a sustainable way. From suppliers to baking and delivering, we strive towards carbon neutrality and eco-friendly packaging. Our delicious and nutty granolas are packed full of flavour. Each contains less than 8  ingredients and is handmade in small batches with love & care every time! Our protein balls 

We care about your health and we care about our planet.

 Do yourself a favour and kickstart your day the right way with out granolas!

Organic Vegetables

The Founder

Anastasia Russell

The message behind Anastasia's Pantry was inspired by my own struggles. I was overweight my whole life. I lost the motivation to exercise and make the much needed lifestyle change. Today I weigh 28 kilograms less, crave exercise and know how to live a balanced lifestyle.


However, I came to a disturbing realisation that I was being fooled by marketing labels such as 'low fat' or 'low sugar' which simply meant there was something else in there instead. 

I prioritised using honest ingredients with no hidden nasties when personally developing the granola and protein ball recipes. Now, I am proud to call Anastasia's Pantry a company (and granola producer) that focuses on healthy food to fuel your body. Our nutty granolas and protein balls are addictive in all the right ways and I assure you that you will feel relieved reading the nutritional label.

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Why is it important to us?

Even before Anastasia's Pantry was born, reducing food waste and altering thinking toward sustainability was a crucial mission of mine. The abundance of single-use plastics found in supermarkets and practically anywhere you turn your head is often the consequence of convenience. Who says we can't make sustainability convenient? 

It is every business's responsibility, including this granola producer, to take our planet into consideration when it comes to production, suppliers, wastage, packaging, and everything in between. We are by no means perfect but we strive towards more sustainable swaps anywhere we can.  By providing a high-quality product in either recyclable, biodegradable, or compostable packaging, Anastasia's Pantry makes it easy to be kind to both the planet and yourself. 

Check out our blog posts that feature zero-waste tips on a range of topics and delicious recipes using our sustainable granola and other healthy foods.

Anastasia's Pantry was crowned Best Environmental Business
in Bromley


Our Zero-Waste Process

1. We buy from environmentally conscious suppliers such as family-run farms. All the ingredients that we receive to make our granolas and protein balls come in cardboard boxes and paper sacks. There are some items that need to be shipped in plastic but buying in bulk reduces this.

2. Minimal food waste during production

Our healthy products are handmade in small batches with love and care everytime. We are careful to avoid food waste during our production days.

3. No stock waste

We don't allow delicious granola to expire so it will either be on sale, gifted or donated to a local food shelter. This way, we eliminate stock waste which is very important to us.

4. Re-use packaging

All salvageable cardboard boxes and packaging that we receive from suppliers is kept and re-used for posting granola and protein ball orders.

Any stockist close to us is offered a closed-loop system when delivering our goods. This means we provide tubs of delicious granola and refill it when they need more. You can find all our stockists on a map here.

If our stockist is further away, we provide everything in biodegradable and compostable bags as we work towards a circular economy.

5. Refill

Our granola pouches are resealable and can be refilled by us or a zero-waste shop Our protein ball boxes can also be reused for personal purposes.

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