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Organic Vegetables

Anastasia Safonova


The message behind Anastasia's Pantry was inspired by my own struggles. I was overweight my whole life. I lost the motivation to exercise and make the much needed lifestyle change. Today I weigh 28 kilograms less, crave exercise and know how to live a balanced lifestyle.


However, I came to a disturbing realisation that I was being fooled by marketing labels such as 'low fat' or 'low sugar' which simply meant there was something else in there instead. 

I prioritised using honest ingredients with no hidden nasties when personally developing the granola and protein ball recipes. Now, I am proud to call Anastasia's Pantry a company (and granola producer) that focuses on healthy food to fuel your body. Our nutty granolas and protein balls are addictive in all the right ways and I assure you that you will feel relieved reading the nutritional label.

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