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Zero Waste Habits in a lockdown

We have to face the reality. We really have no idea how long we will have to work from home and this is the prime time for people upgrading their healthy habits - one of which should be reducing waste. This includes both plastic and food waste.

Let's start with plastic waste. Although zero waste stores are becoming increasingly popular, there are not enough of them for everyone to have a local unfortunately. I don't and I wish I did but that doesn't mean I can't do my part for the environment. Try to avoid fruit and veg wrapped or even double wrapped (I've seen it) in plastic. Just give them a really good wash when you go home. Produce such as oranges and bananas have removable skins anyways and if you're still feeling unhygienic about root vegetable skins, for example, just cook them to kill the bacteria (i.e. boiled potatoes with skins on) That way you are killing 2 birds with 1 stone.

Other ideas include buying 1 zero waste razor and simply replacing the blades rather than disposing of plastic ones every couple uses; bring your own shopping bags or reuse old plastic ones but try not to buy new ones every time. All of these suggestions and other zero waste habits save you a bunch of money too! You'd be surprised!

Moving onto food waste. One shocking statistic that haunts me weekly is that 1/3 of bought food in countries like the UK and Australia is thrown out. The fact that these foods expire means that they cannot be donated to a homeless shelter or even frozen for later use. That is where my first point comes in - plan out your weekly meals and if you realise you are not going to use something.. freeze it! No matter what it is.

Here are some ideas: wraps are freezer suitable and then once defrosted you could bake them and make nachos; any vegetable or fruit can be cut up, put in a resealable bag and used for smoothies; meat; even leftovers.

I hope you all got some ideas of how to be kinder to our planet and save money not just during restricted times but take these habits into your normal everyday lives. Stay safe and stay positive!

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