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T-oat-ally delicious Easter Snacks!

Easter is right around the corner! And while holidays are the perfect time to indulge in delicious food and mouthwatering meals - who said these dishes couldn't also be healthy?

We have put together a list of perfectly balanced treats and recipes so you can celebrate Easter through food. These recipes are extremely simple to make, yet they will still come out looking like art! As always, these recipes can be altered to suit your taste buds and dietary requirements.

  • No Bake Granola Bar Mini Egg Nests


This recipe requires no baking so it is extremely easy to make. This snack is really fun to design: you can play around with the colors of the eggs you fill into the Nests and you can also play around with the sizes and shapes of the Nests.

With only 5 ingredients needed and a fridge life of up to 5 days, this recipe is just calling your name.

  • Easter S'mores Granola Bars

While this may not necessarily look like Easter, we can assure you, it will certainly taste like Easter. Similar to the recipe above, there will be only 6 ingredients required to make this beautiful treat. The best part? You are completely in charge of what you want to put into these bars.

Our recommendation: make a healthy batch and one loaded with more chocolates and candy for the days you really crave something sweet!

  • Easter Chocolate Granola Cakes

This recipe is the perfect Easter tea-time snack, it will take no more than 30 minutes to make (including prep time!). The best part is, this recipe can be very easily altered to suit your dietary requirements: you can swap the milk chocolate for vegan chocolate, test out different granola flavors, and even shape the cake however you want!

This is perfect for a small Easter party, or even as a dessert for a more intimate family dinner.

Pro tip: Adding pecan nuts can really complement the texture and taste of the granola used in this recipe!

  • Easter Egg Crunch

No one ever said chocolate was the only thing you could put in an Easter Egg! This recipe gives you the power to stuff your Easter Egg with whatever fillings you want. The best part is, by adding a yogurt base, granola, and nuts into your chocolate shell, you can enjoy a healthy, yet delicious treat!

Our advice: Make sure you do not use an overly sweet chocolate base as this can overpower the taste of the yogurt inside. Perhaps dark chocolate would be a better fit.

As you can see, adding granola to your Easter treats can not only make them more nutritious but also more delicious! Click below to see all the different types of granola you can add to your Easter recipes.

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