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Our 2021 achievements

This year was a success for Anastasia's Pantry but how do we measure success? The fact that we positively impacted the planet more than the previous year is all we need to sooth our hearts. But, we couldn't have done it without each and every one of you so we take this opportunity to thank you for your support. Here's a little summary of our achievements this year and don't forget, these are YOUR achievements too!

1. Baked and supplied over 600 KGs of our granola packaging free. This number excludes

the 100's of protein balls we provided to our stockists. It is extremely important to us that we make our products available packaging free but also in a convenient eco-friendly bag.

2. Raised £225 and awareness for Whale and Dolphin Conservation by walking 50,000 steps (25 miles) in just 8 hours. We were physically dead by the end of it but never considered giving up. We were even featured in the Whale and Dolphin magazine!

3. We donated 490 servings of granola to our local food bank this Christmas. This was possible with your help as we matched the bags you purchased.

4. We acquired just under 30 stockists most of which are refill shops. We are honoured to be able to contribute to so many town's zero waste communities and we thank those who spread the word about us.

5. We launched plastic free vegan and gluten free protein balls. A product that is kind to you and to the planet. We also introduced organic coconut bowl sets to enjoy our granola in. If coconut shells are not utilised they end up in landfills and can even release greenhouse gases.

6. If you haven't noticed yet, we also have a fresh look for the new year. Our logo, website, social media platforms and packaging labels got an update and we hope you love it as much as we do!

7. Our successful ambassador programme is a supportive group

of granola gals who not only get to channel their creativity when it comes to the kitchen but also get a major discount on their purchases. If you love content creating, contact us!

We wish we could share every proud moment, every smile and act of kindness with you but hopefully you will be on the journey with us next year.

We wish you a successful and promising 2022 filled with joy, health and peace.

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Kayleigh Verrall
Kayleigh Verrall
28 févr. 2022

You have literally achieved so much Anastasia!! This is so impressive and inspiring! You really do continue to glow and succeed every day and I may be a bias ambassador but legit the BEST granola on the market! and I have tried most of them!

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