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New stockists! Are they near you?

11 months and 21 stockists later! We are proud of our journey so far and are glad to share with you that we are popping up all over the UK. Please check out our interactive map below to locate where all of our zero waste partners are. Could it be your local refill shop?

If we're not near you don't worry and keep your eyes peeled because we could be near you next! That doesn't mean you can't get your hands on our delicious granolas.

Here's a sneak peek at our latest stockists who are doing such amazing work!

SO Sustainable is a small refill shop based in Watlington, Oxfordshire. They stock organic wholefoods, natural home and beauty products as well as an extensive range of sustainable gifts.

Started in 2019 by Steph Van de Pette the founder and owner, SO Sustainable grew out of a desire to create a sustainable shopping experience for the local community and beyond.

Want Not Waste is a student-run, not-for-profit zero waste shop operating out of Academy 1 at the University of Manchester Students' Union. This amazing team's aim is to make sustainable living accessible to all.

Pantry Shelf, run by Sarah, this home-based business delivers sustainably packaged groceries to your doorstep within Brentwood and Havering. In the area? Why not get all your cupboard essentials delivered right to you!

Fill Them Up can be spotted at many markets to get your essential refills. Agne also delivers these goodies to your door, that's if you live around Basingstoke and Overton. Find anything from organic wholefoods to gifts that do not cost the earth, oh and our granolas of course!

There are so many more amazing stories that we can share with you but why don't you have a look for yourself on our interactive map above? Everyone's websites are linked to read about their inspiration and support them.

We hope that this list of stockists continues to expand with the aim that our vegan and gluten free granola will be available for plastic free refills in every corner of the UK! :D

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