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Granola for dinner? Creative ways to incorporate granola into your meals

Some of us tend to stick to the same food every meal. The classic example is that of cereal for breakfast or a ham sandwich for lunch, but, when it comes to our delicious granolas, there are no limits on how and when they can be used. This blog will explore all the fun ways you can incorporate granola into all your meals.

  • Granola for Breakfast:

We often eat granola for breakfast because it can be paired with pretty much anything. From fresh and dry fruits to nuts and seeds, there really aren't many items granolas don't work well with!

Our recommendation: The best granola bowls are usually loaded with different colours and textures. We love adding pumpkin seeds to our bowls as the beautiful green adds so much color and vitamins.

Fun Fact: Our CEO's personal favorite granola is the Crispy Winter's Morning one which contains almonds and raisins. Check it out in the link below:

  • Granola for Lunch:

One innovative way to add granola to your lunch recipes is to substitute it for breadcrumbs. Start by crushing the granola into small parts and then coating your meat or vegetables with egg, flour, and granola. You can either deep fry, air fry, or bakes this recipe and it will come out crunchy and delicious.

Pro tip: Pairing this recipe with sweet chili sauce will give you an explosion of taste in your mouth.

Our recommendation: Try a more savory granola with this recipe.

  • Granola for Dinner:

Granola is the perfect topping for many dinner recipes. Sprinkling granola onto your dinner dishes can add so many nutritional benefits for you. From soups to salads and roasted vegetables, you can sprinkle granola on pretty much anything.

For the soups, we recommend spicing up your granola at home by adding turmeric and mango.

When it comes to serving a salad at your next dinner party, why not get creative and sprinkle a fruity granola on it? You will wow your guests and your tastebuds. Press the link below to shop our Magical Mediterranean Morning granola which would be perfect for your salads.

  • Granola for Dessert:

This stunning upside-down granola cake is just one example of how much flavor granolas can add to your desserts.

Of course, if you are not much of a baker, then we highly recommend sprinkling it onto your cakes, puddings, and pies. Whoever said you had to be a professional chef to have your food look this good?

Hopefully, this blog has shown you that there are endless ways to incorporate granola into your meals. Click below to see all the different types of granola you can add to your recipes.

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