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3 New Zero Waste Stockists!

You can now find Anastasia's Pantry granolas in Isle of Wight, Sussex and Greenock, Scotland. How exciting! Her Whey, Buy The Weigh and Inver Eco are all zero waste shops that were founded during the pandemic and were inspired by their personal sustainable lifestyle choices.

Inspired by zero waste scattered across Asia, Czara developed and opened up Her Whey during lockdown. Her goal is so make eco swaps and sustainable shopping the obvious choice with cheaper prices and better benefits. This shop sells everything from shampoo, toothbrushes to dried goods and spices. If you're ever visiting Isle of Wight or live close to Ryde on the island then this a must go to shop!

A family run zero waste shop located in Wadhurst, Sussex that opened up during the pandemic. You can buy a variety of quality ingredients in the heart of the village including our granolas! The Lansdownes encourage their customers to reuse their containers as much as possible. The family advocate a reuse policy because according to National Geographic, frighteningly only 9% of the world’s plastic has ever been recycled.

Gillian Bott, owner of InverEco, has committed to being environmentally friendly from a very young age and has taken inspiration from other re-fill shops across the UK. The goal is that local residents cut down on the use of single-use plastics, as well as on food waste by buying only what they need from the shop's wide variety. Spot our granolas in this wonderful shop!

We are thrilled that Anastasia's Pantry is expanding month on month and we couldn't do it without your help! Comment or send us an email where you would like to see our granola.

Anastasia's Pantry prides itself on our strong eco values. We have a closed loop system with 3 of our stockists - the ones that are within driving distance receive reusable buckets of our granola that are replaced with full ones when they're all out. Otherwise, we send our granola in a compostable solution in a repurposed cardboard box to those who are a little further.

Keep an eye out for our future stockists! You never know.. it could be in your town next!

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Kayleigh Verrall
Kayleigh Verrall
Aug 01, 2021

There's a new zero waste shop just opened in Bridge of Allan as well!! I'll need to check it out and tell them to stock some of the best granola!!!!

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