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2 New Stockists Alert - Zero waste shops!

Anastasia's Pantry has partnered up Your Nuts Wholefoods based in Holmfirth, Huddersfield and Eco Be in Dorking, Surrey to make plastic free shopping easy and exciting!

This is a proud moment for Anastasia's Pantry as this marks our 3rd and 4th zero waste stockist in just 6 months of being in business. We are dedicated to make plastic free shopping more accessible and appealing - that's why we are trying our best to partner up with zero waste shops all over the UK. This method of grocery shopping and refilling essentials will hopefully soon be mainstream. The goal is not to have thousands of people living a 'perfect' zero waste life but millions trying to, and living it 'imperfectly' because every little act/change/eco swap makes a difference.

Stockist #3

Here's a little bit about Natalia, James and Darcy the adorable dog who together run

Your Nuts Wholefoods in Holmfirth . . .

The shop has been a constant presence in Holmfirth for over 20 years, and while owners have come and gone, its purpose has always remained the same - to provide the people of The Holme Valley with a friendly place to buy their wholefood essentials.

"When we took over in January 2019, our aim was to keep the premise that had made the shop so well loved, but also to grow it in order to make it even better."

Since then, they have added even more natural cosmetics, specialist foods and quality supplements. However, the main goal was to introduce plastic-free shopping and a zero-waste refillable food and cleaning section to reflect their beliefs that reducing waste and using naturally derived products is the way to a more sustainable future. Natalia and James are committed to bringing high quality, sustainable and ethical products that don't cost the earth, but instead aim to benefit it!

Stockist #4

Open since the 23rd of January, this zero waste shop has been helping it's Dorking based customers refill all their household essentials. You can find everything from candles, fresh bread to cleaning products, organic fruit & vegetables and of course, our granola!

I want to thank YOU - the customers, the supporters. The people who remember the old packaging, when I did not have a single stockist to those who buy our healthy granola in our stocked shops and cheer on Anastasia's Pantry every day. We couldn't have done it without you!

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