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Tips for a Zero Waste Party

Hosting a part any time soon? Or helping a friend out? Keep a few of these tips in mind so that you can still have a great time whilst being low impact on the environment.


Get creative and make decorations out of what you already have. For example, Halloween parties can have local pumpkins, gathered multicoloured leaves, monkey nuts, paper spiderwebs and much more! If this is closer to Winter go pick some Holly, pine cones, leaves, dry out some oranges slices, make a wreath and anything else you can think of. You can get children involved or even your friends.

Or a less time consuming option is rather than buying the plastic versions of all your party needs just swap to biodegradable confetti, napkins, plates and paper straws.

Food and Drink

Better yet, don't buy cutlery at all and use your own! Unless it's kids, that might be risky business for your china.

How many times have all your guests left your party and you are left with an overwhelming

amount of food? Me too!

Let's avoid food waste by offering our guests to take some goodies back home. This way it's easier for you and I bet the guests won't mind some of your tasty dinner snacks.

If you need an occasion cake, there are a few options that are better than buying your standard plastic wrapped one from a huge supermarket chain: Bake one, buy a mix from a refill shop or small business, order a cake from a small independent baker that provides it in a cardboard box.


Besides the fact that you can walk, take public transport and cycle you can also carpool!

If you're hosting the party then you might know who lives near each other and you can suggest that they consider that option to or from your party. This way people make an extra friend too! If you're not the one throwing the party you can always ask the host or figure it out yourself at the end of the party. Oh and there's always splitting a taxi too!


Please tell me I'm not the only one who wants to open presents carefully because of the pretty wrapping paper. No? Great! Well keep that wrapping paper and use it for a scrap book or next time you're wrapping a gift. Do the same with gift bags, ribbons and anything else you can reuse. Encourage others to do the same. Personally I get freaked out during Christmas time when I see people putting so much rubbish in the bin when it can be given a second life. I might take other people's ribbons.. after they unwrap the present of course!

Presents can still be pretty when wrapped in eco friendly solutions, just look!

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