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The perfect summery smoothie bowl

The forecast is smoothie bowls, banana splits and ice cream sundaes. I hope you are as excited as I am for this sunny weather!

There are 4 main components of any smoothie bowl... in my opinion anyway!

1- You need a liquid whether it is a plant based milk or simply just water.

2- A base of vegetables or fruits. Tip: Adding courgettes and avocados gives your smoothie a creamy texture without adding too much flavour.

3- A frozen component whether that is simply adding some ice cubes or frozen fruit. This is important as this is what achieves the texture we're looking for.

4- Toppings! This is what differentiates a good from a great smoothie bowl. Adding some fresh fruit and a crunchy element (our granolas of course) will take your smoothie bowl up a level.

We all know you can't have a pretty smoothie bowl without an organic coconut bowl to serve it in. You're in luck because we have a beautiful range of hand crafted coconut bowls that are all in stock. Click here to shop now.

Not only does buying one of our coconut bowls support a pair of skilled Vietnamese hands but also helps reduce Co2 emissions by saving these shells from landfill. Go on.. treat yourself!

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