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New Stockists! Zero waste shops & Coffee shop

Last time you read a blog post about stockists we had 4 incredible zero waste shops selling our vegan granola. I am proud to inform you that we now have 8 stockists who are committed as we are to saving this planet. Anastasia's Pantry considers it's supporters as part of our team because we would have never knew about some incredible shops if it wasn't for the kind people who messaged us begging us to come to their area! In chronological order please see the amazing shops below who stand by us and stock Anastasia's Pantry.

Our 5th stockist -EnGrain

Led by a sister duo, this zero waste shop opened on the 22nd of May 2021 and is a perfect addition to the Barnes community. There is no doubt that the community are excited to have such a beautiful shop packed with so many goodies right on their high street. To have a peek inside and spot our granola click here. If you are anywhere near Barnes, Surrey you need to check out their aesthetically pleasing shop that has a HUGE selection of dry goods.

6th Stockist - Refill

Amanda Lewis, mum and owner of this zero waste shop serves her community with every dry good, cleaning product and eco friendly alternative your home could ever need! An essential to your kitchen is undoubtedly our granola, so pick up some breakfast goodness on the Leiston high street.

Our 7th stockist - 139 Coffee Shop

Vicky founded 139 Coffee with a passion to serve the local community of Kingston Upon Thames exceptional coffee, food and a friendly atmosphere. Now you can pick up a bag of our vegan granola here! This spot is also in partnership with Cycle exchange, a pre-owned performance bike retailer and service centre. So if you're into cycling and great coffee, pop by!

Our 8th stockist - Refillosophy

Former nurse and now owner of Refillosophy, Gina Adie, offers the local residents the chance to lead a more sustainable lifestyle by refilling all their household supplies and buying package-free food in her zero waste shop. Live near Albyn Grove, Aberdeen? Then you will be able to spot Anastasia's Pantry granola available to refill and never run out. Community spirit and conscious choices is the driving factor or this refillery.

Thank you for reading and thank you to everyone who has supported Anastasia's Pantry in any shape or form. We will continue to grow our environmentally conscious business and providing you with a healthy delicious breakfast!

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