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New Partnerships & Stockists!

At Anastasia's Pantry, I strive to make a difference in this world and positively impact lives everyday whether that is by providing a delicious healthy granola or reducing plastic on the earth by packing the granola in recyclable materials. All of my packaging is recyclable and the Kraft pouches are even reusable!

Nowadays, it is virtually impossible to avoid the threat of plastic and it is time to act. We all need to make a huge change in our lives in order to make a significant change in the world. I personally understand why plastic is so widespread but why is it necessary to package recyclable bin bags in a plastic bag that are then individually wrapped AGAIN! (Unfortunately when I lived in Dublin I had no choice but to buy this exact brand for my apartment block otherwise our bins would not be collected but it made me question our world every time I did).

I am thrilled to announce a number of exciting partnerships that brings us one step closer to a sustainable lifestyle. Raising Earth allow you to support a wide variety of environment and conservation charities.

Their small membership fee of 5 pounds allows YOU to make a real difference in the world by supporting various non-profit organisations and in return, sustainable businesses offer you discounts on their products - including Anastasia's Pantry's granola! Their website launches on the 1st of April so do check out the amazing work that people all across the globe are doing.

Anastasia's Pantry has also teamed up with Vegan Friendly UK - a non-profit organisation. Their mission is certify vegan products and restaurants, making them accessible all one platform and end global warming by increasing the consumption of plant-based food. You can spot their logo on the back label of our granola bags!

Another online marketplace that we are now listed in is Greenlight Market. The best of both worlds - vegan and eco friendly! Have a gander at some sustainable products on their website and see if you can spot our sustainable granola.

Besides online marketplaces, Anastasia's Pantry granola is now stocked in 2 physical shops that help to reduce plastic waste. One of them is actually a shop on wheels called Top Up Truck and you can read all about Ella's amazing journey here. Delivering groceries to your door minus the packaging. Brilliant!

Last but not least, the Sunday just gone we popped into Scrapless - a refill store in Burgess Hill to meet the incredible Meg who runs and owns the shop! If you are interested in their website then click here. The team's mission revolves around community and easing the transition of living sustainably as this proved to be a challenge for Meg herself when there wasn't a zero waste store in her local area.

We hope to see more stockists soon so keep an eye out for us!

We love providing you with a delicious and healthy granola but on top of all that, minimising the negative impact on our planet! What an easy way to be kind to your body and the environment.

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