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How to 'Granola'

There are so many super fun ways to eat granola! I've always been a pretty plain Jane kind of gal so I tended to stick to the simpler ways - pour milk over it, sprinkle granola over some yoghurt. However, recently I've come to discover some brilliant trends where adding a little crispy crunch is just the cherry on the cake!

Smoothie bowls or Acai bowls are a new trend in the breakfast sector and I love it! Pouring some nutritious granola on top of your bowl and adding that texture it needs is like putting the cherry on the cake! It can be so therapeutic to play around with the all the colours and fruit so actually dedicate some time to doing it. Remember, you are what you eat so make your dish look beautiful.

If you prefer a warm breakfast to leave you feeling fuzzy inside then use the same idea but an oatmeal bowl! Creamy porridge on a winter's morning with flavourful granola to top it off sounds like you would do yourself a huge favour.

You know what else sounds divine? Sprinkling granola on top of French toast or crumpets or even frumpets! Never heard of them? It's a cross between the first two and don't diss it until you try it.

Share your ideas and bowls with me on Instagram. If you tag me it would make my day! @therussiantwist

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