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How eating nuts reduces your risk of cancer!

It's just that simple! A study conducted in 2015 proved that those who ate more nuts such as almonds and peanuts faced a lower risk of having breast cancer.

As both a business owner and as a woman, I want to use the best ingredients for you to put into your amazing & complex bodies.

That is why I have included the amount of almonds you should have a day in your serving of the Crispy Winter's Morning flavour, pistachios in Magical Mediterranean morning and the same with the peanuts in Time for Cocoa & Coco granola.

Almonds have so many additional benefits such as aiding with bone health, blood flow, reducing blood sugar levels and providing vitamin E. Due to it's healthy fat and fiber content it also makes us feel fuller for longer which can help with weight loss. Only if you listen to your body though!

Time get those nuts out now!

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