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Easy oat inspired breakfasts!

Oats are the most wonderful thing to have for breakfast and have an extensive list of health benefits ranging from clear skin to improved digestive system! So here are a couple of ideas on how to utilise oats in a fun way!

First up.. these delicious oat breakfast/snack cookies. An easy one bowl recipe and baked within 10 minutes. I drizzled mine with some chocolate on top because well.. i'm a chocaholic! There are so many variations to this including different seeds, nuts, gluten free oats, chocolate chunks, raisins, what nut butter you use etc.!

To watch the full recipe click this link!

Next up, my easy 3 ingredient healthy pancakes! Once you know the recipe you will never go back because they can be made the day before or even if you only have 15 minutes for breakfast! It is an important meal (not the most imp. but its up there.. with 2 others!)

To change it up add some lemon or lime zest to the mixture and top with raspberries or strawberries. Basically, here's a solid base, have fun trying different combinations!

To watch the recipe in 30 seconds click here

Last but certainly not least! A big bowl of beautiful granola with a choice of your yoghurt and fruits. I sometimes prefer to just have it with milk, others straight out the bag! Each serving has the correct amount of nuts, low sugar content (that's even diabetic friendly) and unique flavour. All you have to do is pick which flavour you crave! Although I love them all, I LOVE the chocolate and coconut one the best! What's yours? :)

Thank you to everyone who read this blog. I hope you enjoyed it and even recreate one of my recipes! Would mean so much to me!

Have a great day everyone and I look forward to you visit

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