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Do you dare read a true horror story?

Even though Hallowe'en has passed us it doesn't mean that real life horrors do not still haunt our everyday.. Read the story below and see if you can guess who our common enemy is before the end reveal.

There was a vicious, blood thirsty monster who feasted on sea mammals and sea birds. In fact, he gobbled one up every 30 seconds, every day...

The monster captures his prey using nets, bottles and other hard objects to trick the animals into thinking it's food. The sea creatures are doomed..

Evidence shows that this monster has captured 10 of these marine species.

Who could this monster possible be...

The monster's name is plastic and he still haunts our world today.


Sea animals are not his only target.

If you believe that every change no matter how small, makes a difference then do your best to implement any eco swaps/zero waste habits into your everyday life. Check out our blogs for extra tips and tricks!

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