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50,000 steps in 12 hours for the Whales & Dolphins!

My boyfriend and I challenged ourselves to walk 50,000 steps in 12 hours in order to fundraise for Whale and Dolphin Conservation. We raised £215 which wasn't our initial goal but still makes a small difference. This is the point - to not get discouraged by underestimating our efforts because we also raised awareness of this non-profit's goals which is crucial.

The actual walk

We set off on our journey at 6:15am from Kingston Upon Thames and followed the Thames walk. Our first pit stop was in Richmond at about 7:50am where we found a lovely coffee shop that sold fresh pastries, great coffee in compostable cups and a riverside view. We brought lots of snacks of course - nuts, vegan protein balls , healthy crisps, dried fruits, fresh fruits, protein bars and lots of water. The forecast was rain this day but luckily we were walking away from the cloud front (it did eventually catch up to us). There was a surprising amount of people awake this early on a Saturday morning. The best part? Most of them were actually families who were litter picking on the bays alongside the river Thames. It was simultaneously an ugly and beautiful sight. (If you're interested in a live update click here).

In all honesty by the time we walked through Barnes, Kew, Battersea all the way up to Waterloo and Vauxhall station we were exhausted. 41,000 steps on the watch and we were at our station ready to go home. Somehow my boyfriend James found the strength to push us both into finishing this exhausting yet rewarding walk before we hopped on a train and went home. We plopped home on the couch, ordered a takeaway and called it a day.

The support of WDC

We were in contact with 2 representatives of the organisation - Sharon and Emily who were so lovely and supportive. All the procedures, laws and options were quickly explained to us by email and through a physical brochure. We were sent 2 t-shirts with their logo on it, a tote bag, a certificate and a very detailed handwritten thank you card. The gratitude expressed to us quickly superseded the pain we felt in our swollen feet.

Social media

We could not have raised the amount we did without the help of YOU! Over 200 of you read about the aims of WDC and why this matter was near and dear to me. Many of you shared the Instagram and Facebook post on your stories, shared to friends and of course, a big thank you to those of you who donated.

What's the end game?

Not only to raise awareness about this charitable cause but also to show others that as long as everyone does their little bit for the environment we can protect it. The point is to slowly convert to living a more sustainable life because going all in can be scary, confusing and frankly it won't work. Pick and area such as your kitchen, garden, bathroom etc. and start small. Check out my Instagram or other blog posts for easy tips on how to get started in those areas.

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