Celebrate National Apple Day today!

What beats a delicious and warm apple crumble on a cold winter's day? I'd say not very much so read below to see how you can make your own vegan and gluten free version of this comforting dessert on National apple day. This recipe results in stewed sweet apples topped with a decadent crispy layer of toasted oats and buttery goodness. Firstly, get your hands on some apples. I actually foraged mine from a local apple tree. The UK is filled with wild apple trees so why don't yo

Easy & quick treat! Vegan & GF friendly

Peanut butter stuffed dates topped with crunchy granola! How delicious does that sound? I know. A lot. Let me know tell you how to make it in 4 easy steps. This is a very simple recipe that's great for prepping in advance to always have a sweet treat ready when it's needed! These ingredients are all dairy-free, gluten-free and vegan friendly. These are best kept eaten straight away but you can definitely keep them in the fridge for up to 2 weeks. Recipe: Step 1: Pit some date

Breakfast Tiramisu Parfait recipe

Tiramisu is a beautiful and classic dessert but who's to stop from having a breakfast version? That's right. Breakfast just got a whole lot more interesting. I advocate for having dark chocolate for breakfast and this is definitely an exciting way to incorporate our Time for Cocoa & Coco granola. Check out the recipe below created by a happy customer! Ingredients: Stale bread/banana bread Yoghurt (non-dairy if needed) Espresso Time for Cocoa & Coco granola Fresh raspberries R