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The Zero Waste Movement

Even before Anastasia's Pantry was born, reducing both plastic and food waste was a crucial mission of mine. The abundance of single use plastics found in supermarkets and practically anywhere you turn your head is often the consequence of convenience. Who says we can't make sustainability convenient? 

It is every business' responsibility to take our planet into consideration when it comes to production, packaging and everything in between. I quickly implemented my zero waste living habits into my business.  By providing a high quality product in recyclable packaging, Anastasia's Pantry makes it easy to be kind to both the planet and yourself. 

Check out our blog posts that feature zero waste tips on a range of topics and delicious recipes using our sustainable granola.


How are we eco-friendly?

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Minimal food waste during production

Our granola is handmade in small batches which allows us to keep food waste to a bare minimum.

No stock waste

We won't allow delicious granola go to waste so it will either be on sale, gifted or donated. This way, we completely eliminate stock waste.

Re-use packaging

All salvageable cardboard boxes and packaging that we receive from suppliers is kept and re-used for large orders. 

We also supply our zero waste stores with reusable packaging as we are working towards a circular economy.

Don't forget you can use the granola pouches that you get and store food items such as nuts.


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