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Who knew coconut bowls were so versatile! 8 uses

Our gorgeous organic coconut bowl sets can be used for other things besides eating your delicious granola in the mornings. There is a high demand for coconut milk and its meat but the outside shell gets discarded unfortunately. Unless.. we use them! Let's save these beautiful shells from landfill and reuse them for many years to come. Check out the 8 creative uses for coconut bowls below.

A great date night idea or wholesome evening with a friend could include making a beautiful soy wax candle in your coconut bowl. How chic would that look in your home? Once it runs out you can remake it again!

Decorate your home with some cute flower pots made from coconut shells. Plant flowers and plants that can be kept inside such as cacti, devil's ivy, snake plants etc. Preferably a plant that doesn't need watering every day, or even every week because the drainage isn't the best with this system.

I use my coconut bowls to measure out ingredients before I do some baking or cooking something like a stir fry where I use lots of ingredients. Try it out and tell me its not pleasing to use these gorgeous coconut bowls.

Keep all your rings in one bowl, always know where your keys are, fill it with bits and bobs, pop your make up brushes in, use it as a fruit bowl.. there are so many options and things you can use a coconut bowl for!

Of course, the most obvious option is to serve a delicious meal in your coconut bowls - anything from breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert! This makes meal time for kids (and secretly us adults) a little more fun.

In the blink of an eye Christmas will be on our doorstep so start thinking about gifts. Our organic coconut bowl sets make as a perfect sustainable present for anyone because there is so much you can do with it. Use code INSTAGRAM10 for a discount at a checkout.

Who says the only time you can have a fancy cocktail is at a bar or restaurant? Make an exotic looking cocktail at home or even a morning smoothie. There's no reason why you can't!

Order your coconut bowl set now by clicking here.

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