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Join Us in Plastic Free July!

Plastic Free July is a global movement that helps millions of people be part of the solution to plastic pollution – so we can have cleaner streets, oceans, and beautiful communities. Will you be part of Plastic Free July by choosing to refuse single-use plastics?

I'm going to come out and say it.. Going completely plastic free is extremely difficult and sometimes even impossible! However, we can better our current habits and adopt new ones that will help reduce the demand for single use plastics and reduce what goes to landfill. The goal is for everyone to try their best rather than not try at all. You will not (well you shouldn't) be judged for having a zero waste kitchen but no bathroom, for example.

Let's look at some ideas for how we can commit to a more sustainable lifestyle. Every week I will release a blog post with some ideas relating to a certain topic. Since it is lovely weather and summer, let's explore how we can be more eco-friendly when going out.

Eco swaps outside the home

Quick tips and tricks

  1. Invest in a reusable water bottle (it tales 3L of water to produce one 1L bottle of water so this will save water and you some money!)

  2. Bamboo cutlery for lunches out whether it is the office or in a park. (Chemicals in plastic transfers to our food and bamboo is reusable)

  3. Shop with reusable bags (some supermarkets have started selling fruit and vegetable bags)

  4. Avoid packaged fruit and veg, opt for loose ones. A fruit and veg market would make this easier and also you would be supporting local suppliers. Buy products that are made using recycled materials, wrapped in paper, cardboard or tinned.

  5. Save food from going to landfill by shopping in the reduced section. Although it is wrapped in plastic, you would be saving the food! Another way to reduce food waste is by using the TooGoodToGo App. Don't know what it is? It's great value food and worth a try.

  6. We all have to wear masks now wherever we go. Why don't you save some money and reduce waste by buying a reusable/washable one?

7. For shorter journeys, get some exercise in and take a walk, cycle or take the bus.

8. If you are using your car, car pool! See if any of your friends or family are going in the same direction.

Challenge yourself to pick one or more of these swaps (not necessarily from this list either) and join the global movement with us. Check out our other blog posts which include sustainable gardening (indoor and outdoor), Eco swaps for your kitchen and much more here!

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