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How we save the world, one coconut at time!

The Anastasia's Pantry Team is always hard at work when it comes to raising environmental awareness. We pride ourselves on using sustainable packaging and eco-friendly alternatives. All our products are made with Mother Nature in mind!

With Zero Waste Week upon us, there is no better time than now to raise awareness of the issues our environment is facing.

Our organic coconut bowls and spoons are functional, aesthetic, and environmentally conscious. By reusing these coconut shells we are preventing them from going to landfill which contributes to the release of greenhouse emissions. Not only this, jobs are provided in Vietnam as each bowl is individually hand-carved. The cherry on the cake? Jungle Culture donates 1% of the profits to preserving the environment. Browse all four beautiful designs we have for our coconut bowls (Oh and don't forget to pick up one of our bamboo straws as well).

We believe in a cleaner, less wasteful world and sustainable practices are at the epicenter of that belief. That's why our granola bags are resealable and we encourage you to refill them at one of our many stockist shops in and around the UK.

If you find there are no stockists near to you then worry not! You can purchase our products from our website with the discount code THANKYOU on checkout!

So what are you waiting for Granola Lover? Together we can make small swaps that make a big difference.

So feel free to support our eco-friendly business! - SHOP NOW

Ps. If you'd like to join our ambassador program and get 30% off all our products then head over to our Instagram, give us a follow and feel free to send us a message. We are always looking for more members to join our team of Granola enthusiasts!

Have a great week!

Alexander - The Anastasias Pantry Team

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