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Experience Turkish food with me!

We are restricted from travelling at the moment, unfortunately. So I thought I'd share my food experiences of the beautiful Mediterranean coast with you. An important benefit of travelling is learning about other cultures and becoming more open minded, in my opinion anyways, thus I hope you learn something new today.

To summarise Turkey and Turkish people in one word: generous. They are such generous people. To the point where you want to buy something in a shop and realise you forgot your purse. The shop owner will gladly give you the product and have enough trust in humanity that you, the tourist that could have a flight out in an hour, will return to pay him what he is owed without even giving a phone number or one piece of contact information.

I am no stranger to Turkey. I have been visiting it since I was little and still continue to do so. I only hope that everyone gets even a sense of how exotic and spectacular this place is. Anyways, enough of text! Play the video linked below to step into a different world and forget about all your problems for a couple minutes.

This video was the most fun to make and contains the most delicious food as this adventure took place in Kalkan, Turkey (to read about what else you can do here click here)! I guarantee you that there will be at least one thing that you haven’t tried, seen or heard of before! (for example.. pumpkin jam!)

I’ve taken some inspiration from some of these dishes to recreate my own at home and even put a twist on them! I'll even let you in on a little secret.. this is the place that inspired me to create my healthy granola flavoured Magical Mediterranean Morning!

The thing that made this video even easier was that all this video is healthy in moderation! Anything from the organic local market to the breakfast I had in the village which served eggs from their own chickens, goat’s cheese from their own goat’s milk, homegrown tomatoes, potatoes, cucumbers and so on! The main point here is to not overeat and being honest with you, I certainly did because it was so delicious and it was my summer holiday for crying out loud :D

Just to share some of the things I bought for myself to bring back: tahini (2£ for 600g which is crazy cheap for natural products!), pomegranate wine (this fruit is everywhere so why not drink it :P ), a bunch of spices from the market (or bazaar in Turkish), some very impressive protein bars by the name of Zuber (they have 10g of protein in each small bar, 4g of fibre, ONLY natural ingredients such as dates, cocoa powder etc. and they were about 0.30 cents each which makes me wonder why i didn't bring over a suitcase full instead of paying 2£ for a protein bar here..), baklava that i showed you in the video (a sweet rich dessert made with filo, hazelnuts, pistachios and honey) and i forgot to buy honey sadly.. (i wanted the one i showed you in the video, infused with lavendar and rosemary!)

Anyways.. Kalkan and even Turkey in general is a great country to visit to explore and try new foods! Please comment below and tell me what you found interesting, what you would like to try and what you wouldn’t go near! If you have any questions about anything that I ate then ask me in the comments or direct message me on Instagram

Thank you to everyone who watched my video, please like and comment :)

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