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Eating chocolate for breakfast is healthy!

“Cacao is packed with numerous antioxidants — actually more than green tea" says Harvard!

When dipping into the science of health terminology gets thrown around and more than half of the information we want to put across isn't even understood. Saying that, I'm going to break the health benefits of dark chocolate down to you all.

1. Dark Chocolate May Help Prevent Heart Disease and Lower the Risk of Stroke

2.The Treat May Improve Cognition, Prevent Memory Loss, and Boost Your Mood

3. Dark Chocolate Could Improve Blood Sugar Levels, and Reduce the Risk of Developing Diabetes

4.Chocolate Is Good for Your Gut and May Help With Weight Loss

5. It Fights Free Radicals and May Play a Role in Cancer Prevention

6. It's Good for Your Skin (in More Ways Than One)

7. Dark Chocolate May Send Good Cholesterol up, Bad Cholesterol Down

8. Dark Chocolate Is Nutritious — and Delicious!

I know there is a few "maybes" and "might's" but surely you would eat delicious chocolate to increase your chances of all these health benefits? The point is, don't be afraid of eating dark chocolate anytime of day because society deems it as a "treat". Even so, go ahead and treat yourself then!

Check out the flavour "Time for Cocoa & Coco" to get your healthy dose of chocolate!

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