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Providing you with breakfast granola that lets you live a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Established October, 2020.


Why shop with us?

We care. That's why.


How is it healthier?

We care about your health!

This luxury granola will make your taste buds dance whilst also being nutritious. The era of healthy eating and living is begging for granolas lower in sugar, fat and calories than the ones you find in the supermarket. Each nutty granola contains less than 8 ingredients and is handmade with love & care every time!

This granola is oil-free and will fuel your incredible body with only natural ingredients  because we care about your health. Do yourself a favour and kickstart your day the right way!


We only have 5 star reviews!

Try not to get hooked. I dare you.

Giorgia Concilio

I bought two different flavours and they are the most amazing thing ever! I can't stop eating it!!! She was also a star when it comes to customer service. Honestly couldn't recommend her granola enough!


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